Kanye west meets with Trump

Yesterday Kanye west went out to trump tower to meet with president-elect Donald trump. 

The two spoke about “life” and of course the wacky liberals have to make a big deal out of it, saying that Kanye definitely has mental problems. I guess if you don’t fit their narrative you are every “ism” in the book, or just plain stupid. 

Why is it a bad thing for a black celebrity to go meet with Trump? If you really want to see change, communication is a key element, otherwise we divide ourselves. So stop being so narrow minded and see what is happening here. We all have an opportunity for change, this is our shot to make things right! 


Rumors that Trump is “Furious” about Pence Performance  

The Wacky liberals are at it again, trying to twist stories like they always do! 

Mike Pence had one heck of a performance against the democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine. While Tim Kaine sounded like a broken record talking about tax returns, business deals with Russia, racism, and sexism. Mike Pence responded well, firing back with the Clinton  foundation, the destabilizing of the Middle East. And the bad economy we have today. 

Trump tweeted about the whole debate. And even live tweeted it while it was happening. Very clearly you can see trump praising his VP candidate. 
We can not allow the lies that the media keeps spitting out. The media is there to only inform us. Not to push a political agenda. Share if you agree! 

Why doesn’t the media go after Hillary Clinton?

In the past week, Donald trump has been under some deep pressure from the media. as the media pushes their agenda, they just can not escape the facts. Recently they have been running their mouth on Donald Trumps tax returns from 1995. As the media has been bashing him, here is something to remember:

Hillary Clinton foundation has acccepted money from countries that beat and kill gays and women. Mistreats their citizens.

Hillary Clinton uses the same laws that Donald trump does for his taxes,  but the media won’t talk about it.

Hillary Clinton has destabilized the Middle East. Although she wasn’t the only 1. She still had a part of it, she did not try to stop the war in Iraq with all the power she had. Which still makes her unfit to run.

Donald trump has not broken any laws, and he has not put any lives in danger. Instead he created jobs and cared about the people around him.

The media will try its best to make trump look like the face of evil. But he is going against his own interest. Going against his own league that makes tons of money, all To stop the corruption. Notice how the very wealthy are not on trumps side, and also top politicians are not on his side. Now isn’t that something to take note of?


Help spread the word, let’s stop the corruption and let’s make the media tell the truth and inform us instead of trying to push a political agenda!

Why Donald J. Trump is the best candidate!

Why Donald J.  Trump is the best candidate!

This 2016 election has been everything but traditional, Donald Trump has shaken up the whole election and caused a lot of controversy over Mexicans and Muslims. The media has played a big roll in trying to stop Trump from winning this election, they have done a good job twisting his words and making him look like a complete animal.


But here is some things the media does not want you to know!


Actions speak louder then words: As every Democrat is offended by what Donald Trumps says, as CNN tries to convince people that Donald is a horrible man and is “clearly unfit for office” they can not look past of what Trump has done, the success he has bought for himself and his family. The donations he has ran and the people he has helped, CNN will not interview a past employee or a current employee of trump because they know that they all have great things to say about him. how he is kind, giving, and a great Businessman. The democrats can stay offended by words all they want, but they can not deny the fact that he has done great things!


He says what is on his mind: unlike traditional candidates, Donald Trump is not controlled by special interest that tells politicians what to say and do, being the puppets they are, but Trump will tell you exactly what he wants to do and he means it 100%.


he is an economic power house: this is a no doubter. he can create jobs and bring them back to the USA, hes created jobs himself and knows how to do it. He can bring in surplus and can get things done and go under budget. search up trump and Hillary on google and look at the finances, trump has spent little money and is only losing by a little. Hillary has almost tripled her spending, just imagine what shed do with our tax money.


he brings people together: in the primaries he had the most votes in the history of politics. bringing all sorts of people ranging from independence, republicans, democrats, young people. old people, people that have never even voted before! it is insane what he has done. while Hillary only gains democrats and women! Just look at the flooding that happened in Louisiana. Trump was the first to arrive, showing leadership, stepping up to the plate!


Gives a damn: Look what he is doing, he is a business man, made a name for himself, made tons of money and has a great life. but he has decided enough is enough. he knows the american people has had enough and he wants to do something about it. he works harder then everyone else. and shows that he cares a lot more. he didn’t have to do this, he is doing it for us, hes not doing it for power and money. he already has that! hes looking to give back. hes looking to solve problems and you got to give him props for that! hes put too much time, money, energy into this. all this for a political office? i do not think so, he is in it to win!


The media wants you to vote for someone other then trump. they want you to think voting for someone else is a better choice. why? because if trump wins, they know all the corruption will be put to a stop and the american people will be put first! One less vote for trump is another vote for someone who will keep things the way they are now! As Americans, our voices need to be heard once again. and Donald Trump is the answer