Why doesn’t the media go after Hillary Clinton?

In the past week, Donald trump has been under some deep pressure from the media. as the media pushes their agenda, they just can not escape the facts. Recently they have been running their mouth on Donald Trumps tax returns from 1995. As the media has been bashing him, here is something to remember:

Hillary Clinton foundation has acccepted money from countries that beat and kill gays and women. Mistreats their citizens.

Hillary Clinton uses the same laws that Donald trump does for his taxes, ┬ábut the media won’t talk about it.

Hillary Clinton has destabilized the Middle East. Although she wasn’t the only 1. She still had a part of it, she did not try to stop the war in Iraq with all the power she had. Which still makes her unfit to run.

Donald trump has not broken any laws, and he has not put any lives in danger. Instead he created jobs and cared about the people around him.

The media will try its best to make trump look like the face of evil. But he is going against his own interest. Going against his own league that makes tons of money, all To stop the corruption. Notice how the very wealthy are not on trumps side, and also top politicians are not on his side. Now isn’t that something to take note of?


Help spread the word, let’s stop the corruption and let’s make the media tell the truth and inform us instead of trying to push a political agenda!