Kanye west meets with Trump

Yesterday Kanye west went out to trump tower to meet with president-elect Donald trump. 

The two spoke about “life” and of course the wacky liberals have to make a big deal out of it, saying that Kanye definitely has mental problems. I guess if you don’t fit their narrative you are every “ism” in the book, or just plain stupid. 

Why is it a bad thing for a black celebrity to go meet with Trump? If you really want to see change, communication is a key element, otherwise we divide ourselves. So stop being so narrow minded and see what is happening here. We all have an opportunity for change, this is our shot to make things right! 


Trumps pick of SOS

Trumps pick of Secretary Of state is Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon mobile. 

People all over are worried because they say he has ties to Russia. Now let me make 1 thing clear. Having a relationship with Russia is not a bad thing. How bad can it really be opposed to not having a relationship with Russia at all? And let’s not forget that it’s not only Russia he has ties with. He has done business around the world, he has created jobs, and at least we will have a SOS that knows how to deal with foreign leaders unlike our current SOS. We need someone who can create deals and get things done for America. 

In my opinion, this is an excellent choice. And I’m very happy he did not pick Mitt Romney. He is a part of the swamp that needs to be drained. 

Stop being a sore fucking loser!

Trump has won the election fair and square, it was an uphill battle the whole way! 

Ever since trump won, the liberals have been complaining and demanding a recount, along with Jill Stien from the Green Party. I thought Hillary said that whoever doesn’t accept the election results were a threat to our democracy. Well Hillary you couldn’t be more of a hypocrite, we have spoken, we demand change, we demand that you crawl into your safe place and never to be in politics again!

Trump will be making his announcement of who will be his SOS tomorrow morning! Whoever he chooses, we have to trust his instincts. But as always liberals will have to label him! 

To all those who are opposing trump, all those people who are rioting. You will see how much of a fool you are… trump will do an amazing job, he will be the best president of our time. Stop being a fucking assfuck and get with the program! Trump is here to stay, now go out and make the best of it! Learn to love and not hate, learn to listen instead of talking to damn much, learn to accept an L… take the L! 

Rumors that Trump is “Furious” about Pence Performance  

The Wacky liberals are at it again, trying to twist stories like they always do! 

Mike Pence had one heck of a performance against the democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine. While Tim Kaine sounded like a broken record talking about tax returns, business deals with Russia, racism, and sexism. Mike Pence responded well, firing back with the Clinton  foundation, the destabilizing of the Middle East. And the bad economy we have today. 

Trump tweeted about the whole debate. And even live tweeted it while it was happening. Very clearly you can see trump praising his VP candidate. 
We can not allow the lies that the media keeps spitting out. The media is there to only inform us. Not to push a political agenda. Share if you agree!