What the American people can look forward to

No matter what side of the spectrum you are on politically. You will benefit from a trump presidency. Here is a few things you will see: 

1: your taxes will be reduced BIG TIME: 

The tax system we have now is so complicated, thanks to the work of politicians our tax code is probably the highest and most complicated tax laws in the world. I always questioned why our tax laws were books long. I should be simplified. And finally someone like trump will make it easier and more simple. And cut your taxes down. 
2: jobs, jobs, jobs 

Jobs have been flowing out of this country like Mexicans flowing into our country haha. We have more people of government assistance then ever before, it is an unsustainable practice and puts more government in charge. Wouldn’t be great to know you have a good paying job that is secure and not going to lay you off because of your job being thrown over seas. That’s a hell yea in my book! 

3: terrorism will end: 

I don’t think I have to expans much on this. Trump wants to build a very strong military. No one is going to want to mess with us. No one will think about terrorizing us. 

4: easier to start a business: 

For all entrepreneurs, it is hard to get a business started. There are so many regulations that are ruining business. And taxes are through the roof. Which is why all these business owners are going elsewhere. With Trump in office, even your taxes will be cut. Business will be flowing in and staying in. 


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